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We guide meaningful partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners, navigating the complex waters of reconciliation & Indigenous relations.

Who We Are

At Kisarvik (formerly Tatkresiwok Community Solutions Inc.), we proudly stand as a Canadian Inuit-owned and led consulting & Indigenous relations firm, dedicated to fostering a new era of business built on reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners. Drawing inspiration from the Inuktitut word "Kisarvik," (ᑭᓴᕐᕕᒃ) meaning "a place to anchor [a boat]," we aspire to be that anchoring point for non-Indigenous companies navigating the complex waters of Indigenous relations.

With a deep commitment to this transformative vision, we collaborate closely with Indigenous communities and organizations nationwide, specializing in crafting and executing Indigenous engagement strategies crucial for advancing reconciliation efforts. Our expertise extends beyond technical skills to encompass a profound ability to cultivate trust and consensus—an inherent trait ingrained within our identity as Kisarvik. By facilitating meaningful connections between companies and Indigenous communities, we leverage our established relationships and identify fresh opportunities for collaboration.

This commitment to fostering genuine partnerships, rooted in mutual respect and understanding, distinguishes us in the industry, earning us a solid reputation among businesses and Indigenous groups alike. At Kisarvik, we prioritize empathy, humility, and cultural sensitivity in all our endeavors. Guided by these values, we are dedicated to guiding our clients in nurturing respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities, ensuring enduring engagement and sustainable partnerships.

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Steven Carleton, President & PAR Facilitator

Steven Carleton

President & PAR Facilitator

Steven Carleton, President of Kisarvik, is a proud Inuk leader who calls Ottawa home with his wife and six young daughters.  With a profound commitment to fostering positive change within Canada's diverse Indigenous communities, Steven brings over a decade of hands-on experience to his work, particularly focusing on strategies that advocate for the mental well-being of First Nation and Inuit youth.

Over the past 13 years, Steven has been at the forefront of the Indigenous reconciliation journey within Canada specifically serving the Inuit community. He has worked at a grassroots level within the local Inuit community in Ottawa, as well as traveling across the country and to every Inuit community within Nunavut.

His experience spans from serving on Youth & Elder Reconciliation roundtables, as a support worker at Mamisarvik Treatment Centre (Ottawa, ON), Canada’s only Inuit-specific trauma and addictions treatment center, as well as serving as a facilitator of Inuit Cultural presentations for the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre within the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. He also served as the Director of the Arctic Hope Project where he facilitated suicide prevention and youth leadership workshops in communities across Nunavut while also building partnerships with local stakeholders including government & municipal leaders, school principals & teachers, law enforcement, mental health workers, church leaders, and local community elders.


A distinctive highlight of Steven's career has been his extensive firsthand involvement in all 25 Nunavut communities. Through immersive engagement, he diligently sought to understand the unique needs of residents, fostering collaborative efforts to tailor solutions accordingly. Steven spearheaded numerous youth mental health programs in these communities, strategically integrating the wisdom of Inuit elders and the expertise of Inuit counselors. By facilitating close-knit sessions with small groups of youth, he ensured a holistic approach to addressing mental health challenges.


He envisions Indigenous relations not only as a conduit for bridging divides between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples but also as a catalyst for providing meaningful employment opportunities for Indigenous youth. Through such endeavors, Steven is deeply committed to giving back and fortifying support for local Indigenous communities.

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Analytics & Insight

Education & Awareness

We provide in-depth insights into Indigenous landscapes in Canada, offering community overviews and a nuanced grasp of economic and political contexts. Our focus is on enhancing understanding and fostering relationships. We assess your company's Indigenous relations, including interviews, process reviews, and diversity assessments. We offer comprehensive reporting on supply chain spend, employment, and community investment. Additionally, we offer updates on Indigenous landscapes and access to a network of over 1200 Indigenous businesses.



To secure a social license to operate within communities, continuous trust-building and relationship nurturing is vital. We facilitate community introductions nationwide, fostering genuine connections. Our engagement strategy advises on consistent engagement, capacity development, and partnerships resulting in tangible benefits. Our toolbox offers practical policies on employment, procurement, and investment. We collaborate on communication and action plans tailored to local communities.

We believe that education and awareness are crucial for successful Indigenous relations, fostering mutual respect and understanding. Our Indigenous awareness training equips employees with foundational knowledge, covering topics like Indigenous history and modern culture. Additionally, we introduce the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business' PAR certification program, ensuring corporate performance in Indigenous relations and fostering trust between organizations and Indigenous communities. Join our training to enhance your Indigenous awareness.


Internal Capacity Building

We aim to empower you to establish and manage your Indigenous relations team/program independently. We guide you until you're confident and self-sufficient. This approach reduces project turnover and recruitment costs. We offer assistance in obtaining CCAB PAR certification and provide internal staffing support, including recruitment and training. We focus on developing essential skills for effective engagement and invite you to learn from our community relationships for sustainable connections across all levels of your organization.

Next Steps

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Ready to embark on your reconciliation journey? Schedule a consultation with our Indigenous relations team to explore how we can assist you. With over 25 years of collective experience, we're dedicated to guiding you through the process and facilitating genuine connections with Indigenous communities.



Following an in-depth assessment of your needs and objectives, we present you with a customized framework detailing our approach to achieving your goals. Our proposal is tailored to your specific requirements, offering a clear, step-by-step plan for success that is sustainable for many years to come.


Get started

With a tailored framework in place, it's time to move forward! Our team will be there every step of the way, empowering you to oversee your Indigenous relations team/program with confidence. We'll offer ongoing guidance until you're self-reliant. Let's embark on this journey together!


We are a certified Indigenous business with the Canadian Council for Indigenous Business (CCIB) and are listed in the Government of Canada's Indigenous Business Directory.

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Government of Canada

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Steven Carleton, President


Ottawa, Ontario

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